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Special Education at P.S. 86

Psychologist: L. Hopkins

Family Worker: J. Tello

Social Worker: D. Bourne

Guidance Counselor: B. Korzekwinski

Speech Language: B. Kilkenny-McMahon,  L. Eckersall, and  J. Rosenblatt

Occupational Therapy:N. Yushuvayeva

Physical Therapy: J. Snyder

IEP Teacher: T. Jackson

"It's because we are different that each of us is special."

-Brian Dyson

School Based Support Team

This collaborative team works together to make sure special education students are given the supports they need to achieve academic success.

School Counseling

At PS 86 we are committed to creating an inclusive  climate of trust and community. 

Speech Language

Speech Disorder: difficulty making and saying certain sounds

Language Disorder: difficulty understanding or putting words together to communicate ideas.

Occupational Therapy

Fine Motor Difficulties

Visual Motor and Perceptual Delays

Physical Therapy

Gross Motor Delays

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